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UV Ballast

UV Electronic Ballast 24VDC 6W Ballast

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UV ballast matched with UV germicidal lamps.

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are actually a low-pressure mercury lamp. Low-pressure mercury lamps are excited by a lower mercury vapor pressure (<10-2Pa) to emit ultraviolet light. There are two main spectral lines: one is 253.7nm wavelength; the other is 185nm wavelength, both of which are naked to the naked eye. Invisible ultraviolet light.

Since ultraviolet rays can penetrate cells to cause death, it is necessary to pay attention to not directly irradiating human skin when disinfecting with ultraviolet rays, especially in human eyes. Do not look directly at the lamp when the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is lit, because short-wave ultraviolet rays do not pass through ordinary Glass, wear glasses to avoid eye damage.

24VDC UV Ballast



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