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Wallmount Switching Power Supply

12V 3A wall Adapter CE ROHS UL

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Technical Parameters 

  • The default interface: 5.5 * 2.1 length 1.2 meters US regulatory
  • Input voltage: AC AC100-240V 50 / 60HZ
  • Output voltage: DC5V/6V/9V12v/24V
  • Output Current: 500mA/1A/2A/3A/4A
  • Voltage accuracy: ± 5% (no load)
  • Power Polarity: positive with, the outer (x) (i) (special polarity may need to order)
  • Plug Style: 5.5 * 2.1mm, 5.5 * 2.5mm, 4.0 * 1.7mm, 3.5 * 1.35mm (four kinds optional)
  • Output cable length: total length 1.2m
  • With indicator lights: There are no [optional]
  • Power Appearance: US regulatory / European regulations (optional)


  • Small size,  easy to carry 
  • Adopt high efficiency,low consumption,green design
  • .Over voltage,over loading protection. ,elegent design,Outer shell with high temperature resistant.anti-flaming features.adopt ultrasonic welding,salf and reliable.
  • 100% green material ,All products are free from (within the prescribed)European limited/forbiddened  cadmium chromium,plumbum,Hg,PBB,PBDE toxic material; 
  • well anti-jamming performance,High reliablity,low DC ripple,high working efficiency,low working temperature,long life span; 
  • output voltage 100-250V; suitable for international scope 
  • Good insulation performance,100% ageing test


  • Protection: Overload protection 105% ~ 150% of rated power can be automatically restored
  • Dielectric Strength: Input - Output AC AC 3000V / 10mA, 1 minutes
  • Input - Case AC AC 3000V / 10mA, 1 minutes
  • Insulation Resistance: Input - Output ≥500MΩ input - DC 500V shell ≥500MΩ


  • Support Specifications: China, USA, EU, British regulations, Korea rules, regulations Australia, Brazil gauge with line and USB interface specifications.
  • Provide OEM, ODM service, can be customized according to customer demand for the product, customers are welcome to inquire.








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